About Me


Robin Hegan
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Welcome to my blog and site for all things that I can possibly think to share with those that are struggling to to keep up with a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am not going to lie, it is a constant struggle for me.

I am a wife and mother of four beautiful children. Two girls and Two boys! God has surely blessed my husband and I with these amazing gifts and we truly love them to pieces.
My whole reason why I want to strive to be better in so many ways is specifically for them! I am not perfect nor will I ever be. Lol! But I know that I can be a better example. I know I can show them the importance of moving our bodies, working out, eating clean and healthy foods, filling our spirits with Gods Love and being an inspiration to those around us! Positive love makes the world a better place. I really believe that. I do.

That brings me to my new found passion of helping people do the same thing. I want to help people ( especially women) learn to first love themselves through proper fitness and good nutrition. I want to use my own drive and passion and pay it forward to help others because it truly fills my spirit cup!! I want to help people find their own reasons for wanting to be better versions of themselves and going for it! all the way! Speed bumps, curves, falls and all! All the way to their goals!

I used to work out in college, but after having each of my four babies things just got trickier and tricker and my excuses packed on. At the beginning of  2015 I was over the feeling of no energy, depression, anxiety and just not feeling confident in my own skin. So I made the choice to change. After trying my first at-home workout program – 21 day Fix – I reached out to my friend and mentor Kati Heifner. She inspired me to keep going despite any challenges life brings and share my story with others. So I did. I will confess I have had my own share of falls. But I am a work in progress and my big goal is to take on my 40th Birthday in 2017 with FABULOUSITY like no other!!! lol!

Here I am now, working a part-time administration and marketing job, staying at home with my 4 year old and working my health and fitness business during the cracks of the day. (Or mainly night I should confess. Lol!) But all worth it I assure you. The changes I see in people fuels me my fire. It makes me want to keep striving and working towards my goal of growing my own Team – Fit To FLY Girlboss into a group of strong, incredible women aspiring to be healthier versions of themselves. Gaining confidence and growing their own spirits along the way. All from the comforts of their own home! That’s the greatest gift! Your kids don’t have to be your excuse, let them be your witness. Let them learn how to be greater by watching you build your own dream and owning your own health.

I’m always looking for new ways to have fun and fill my life with purpose and joy! I find crafting, painting and cooking to be very fun activities.  I would love to have anyone with a passion for change and will to work for it to join me!