Core De Force … The Night Before Day 1!!!

I am so excited to shout that CORE DE FORCE is finally available!!!

It came out on November 1st so I ordered mine right away b/c I was selected to participate in an exclusive test group starting November 7th! TOMORROW!! Eek!
I didn’t get the physical DVD’s and meal planning guide in the mail yet, but because of Beachbody On Demand I can access the entire program and all the guides right away from my PC or phone.

I’ve been planning all weekend and I am as ready to begin as I will ever be!

Meal Plan…YES
Prepped Food….YES
Alarm Set…YES
Am I nervous? Heck yes!!!!

I haven’t been the most consistent with my workouts lately. I kind of fell off the wagon, so to speak.
But the accountability from women and men committed to the same program for 30 days will keep me on track. I know it will be hard to get back into a routine of getting up early to workout, but it’s the only way I can accomplish what I want.
It feels so amazing to get up and check that workout off my list. The energy it gives you to start your day is crazy awesome!!! That alone is worth it. lol!

So here is my Meal Plan for Week 1.


It is super simple to figure out your calorie bracket and container portions by using your weight and a few calculations explained in the Core de Force Food Guide.
I am following Plan A . It’s really a lot of food throughout the day. I like to keep my snacks the same throughout the week to save on groceries and keep things simple. For my dinners I try to choose things that the kiddos will eat too.
I will share the recipes on my site tomorrow. I know some of you would love to try them. Especially the family friendly ones.

Core De Force Day 1 – Robin Hegan


Taking before pictures is a big part of the accountability and the transformation process when you begin a new program. Photos and measurements provide better motivation than the scale in my opinion. By taking weekly pictures and measurements you can see the changes that are happening from all of your hard work.
I am only posting a “teaser” photo to be completely revealed at the end of my 30 days beside my final transformation pictures. I really want to be proud of my results so I am super motivated to rock this program in every way.
I also will get to enter my results for a chance to win Cash Prizes AND a Core De Force T-Shirt just for completing the entire program and submitting my results to Beachbody. Actually, this is something you can do with every program you complete.

So, here I am getting ready to call it a day so I can press play at 5:30AM. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just committed to 5:30AM!!¬†Eek!!!

Sweet dreams everyone! Stay tuned for details of My Core De Force Journey : Day 1……




Buffalo Chicken Salad | Healthy Food Simple and Easy!

Hey guys and dolls! Happy New Year!

I am so excited to have a clean slate and start fresh for the new year. I definitely ate too many of my favorite holiday cookies and desserts!
Fluffy “snowwoman” is how I feel! lol! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy and it definitely comes with speed bumps along the way.

This week we are tossing the cookies and leftover junk so we can fill the cupboards and refrigerator with better choices moving forward. Matt and I want our children to make healthy choices and be active, so the best way to encourage that is to be the example!
It just doesn’t work if you tell your kiddos to be active and fuel their bodies with wholesome foods if you don’t do it yourself.

So here we are on Day 3 of 2017 and we are easing back into a healthier lifestyle again. We were so on track a year ago and then we let the happenings of life derail us from time to time. Instead of completely throwing in the towel and giving up…we march on!! ūüôā
To hold myself accountable in the healthier eating department….AND help other busy bodies prepare simple, healthy and delicious meals during the craziness of the week….I am going to share a recipe on my blog every Tuesday!
So #TASTYTUESDAY here I come!

Todays dinner was super easy to prepare bc I did cheat a bit with the chicken. Sometimes I bake or grill my own chicken breasts on Sundays, but this week I opted for a Rotisserie Chicken instead. I remove the skin and pull the chicken off of the bones to use for recipes such as this.
If you like salads, this one is delicious and filling! hope you enjoy it as much as we do. (Although I must say my kiddos aren’t into eating these large¬†salads yet so they had romaine and ranch for their salads with homemade flat pizza! The flat pizza’s are another great family meal to have through the week.)

Buffalo Chicken Salad with Balsamic Dressing
Serves 2 *

3 cups chopped romaine lettuce
1/4 cup chopped tomatoes
1/2 cup chopped cucumbers
1/4 cup chopped yellow or orange bell peppers
2 Tbsp. chopped sweet onion
2 hard-boiled eggs, cut into quarters
1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 1/2 cup chopped grilled or rotisserie chicken (Precooked)
2 Tbsp. hot sauce
1 -2 tsp. pure maple syrup¬†(optional if you like your hot sauce a little sweet…I do!)
4 Tbsp. Balsamic Vinaigrette – divided (See recipe below)

Divide lettuce onto two large plates. Top the romaine with remaining vegetables by dividing the portions equally.
Place 1 egg (quartered) on top of each salad. Meanwhile Mix the hot sauce and maple syrup to your liking.
Heat a small pan over medium-high heat. Spray your pan with extra virgin olive oil and add the chopped chicken and hot sauce mixture. Toss together until heated thoroughly.
Divide chicken between the two salads and top each of them with half of the 1/3 cup of cheddar cheese.  Drizzle each salad with 1- 2 Tbsp. Balsamic Vinaigrette and ENJOY!

* Portion Control Container equivalent:
1 1/2 RED
1/2 BLUE

Balsamic Dressing – From 21 Day Fix Extreme
Makes 8 servings, about 2 Tbsp. each

6Tbsp. balsamic vinegar
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1 tsp. raw honey (or pure maple syrup)
2 tsp. Dijon mustard
6 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

Combine vinegar, lemon juice and honey in a bowl. Whisk until blended together.
Add the mustard and stir to combine, Mix well.  Slowly drizzle oil into the mixture while whisking well.
(Store dressing in a mason jar or air tight container in refrigerator.
Hold at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to using. )

If you tried this recipe I would love to hear your feedback below!
Have a blessed week!



Autumn Roasted Chicken Dinner

Monday’s are usually a little manic. haha! When I can add simplicity to something…I am all in!

I like to start our week with a meal plan that usually happens Saturday or Sunday morning. I shop on Sunday afternoons and then prep what I can for the week ahead. So last night I chopped my sweet potato and brussel sprouts so my assembly would go a little quicker today.The more I prepare, the better choices we make as a family and the less stress I have putting dinner together! This is a huge win for me because there are enough tasks at hand with a family of 6.

A family-friendly meal made all in one pan! Perfect addition to a busy fall schedule!


Tonight’s dinner was inspired by a recipe from Cooking Classy. It’s a great dish all roasted in one pan!! YES!!! Are you dancing around because I just saved you on dishes?

I adjusted the original recipe a little because I didn’t have all the of the same ingredients and it came out lovely!! The balsamic vinegar marinade matched up perfectly with the brussel sprouts.


I must say it was a HIT! My 4 and 6 year old boys refused to eat the brussel sprouts, but my girls actually liked them. My 11 year old said it reminded her of a “fancy dinner.” SCORE!!!
Fast, family-friendly and delicious are recipes that I add to our family cookbook of go to dinners. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.




Leave a comment below if you try it and tell me what you think. I love to hear how this clean and healthy meal fit your family tastebuds.