21 Day Fix Changed My Life

Happy Sunday loves!! 

I feel like it is my "pay it forward" to share why I became a Beachbody Coach and how I got here in the first place....
Last year at this time I felt awful! Truly! I didn't know why I had no energy, had constant anxiety and digestive issues and really just didn't feel well. (Which gave me more anxiety and panic issues!!) Not a good time for me. I found out I was extremely anemic and deficient in magnesium. I had to get IV nutrients and take daily supplements to get my body back to where it should be. I wasn't eating well, didn't know how to control my anxiety and it was getting so bad that my panic attacks were returning. If you've had these kinds of issues you can totally relate...if you haven't had them, I hope you never do. 
In January I knew that I needed to do something different I just didn't know what. I was finally ready to take control of my issues instead of just making excuses for why they existed. It was time to take care of ME so I could better take care of my Family! So along came this at-home program 21 Day Fix!!! 
I actually had the program for a few weeks before I even got started b/c I had this weird fear of something new. I was afraid it was going to be too hard and I would fail. 
Finally, after my iron and magnesium levels returned to normal levels, my husband and I decided to conquer the 21 Day Fix together and it changed our lives forever! I was amazed! I had more energy, was happier, no more panic attacks, and when I stick to my clean eating plan....NO more digestive issues!!! I used to have scary moments that I called - heart "flip-flops" and even though it really wasn't my heart at all (it was digestive b/c of my diet) it would make me worry that I did have a heart problem and increase my anxiety which sent me into panic at night. well, I can happily tell you NO MORE!!! 
Now, I must tell you that I am NOT a certified nutritionist, NOR am I a personal trainer of any sort. I am simply a wife and mommy of four that wanted to feel better. Wanted to be better! I tried it. It worked for me. And now I am passionate about sharing 21 Day Fix, Shakeology and all of Beachbody's Programs, with ANYONE willing to join me!! Because I believe in them and now that they work if you follow them! 
I host online fitness accountability groups at the beginning of every month. You do it all from home and can live ANYWHERE in the U.S. or Canada to participate!! Isn't that cool?! 

*** My next one starts January 4th! ***

I pray that I can inspire a few more people to dig deep and realize that simple changes can make a big impact on your life!! No magic pills, no contraptions, no quick fix....these are simple programs that are designed to fit into our busy lives combined with super nutrition to get you back on track and help you create healthier habits. Stop wishing and start doing! I believe in YOU!! 

*** My G I F T to the first (3) people to join me in my January Group ---> $20 Gift Card to your Favorite Store!! Tis the season for giving! <3  ***

(And now b/c, as a Beachbody Coach, I must post this disclaimer b/c every story is different..."These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.") :) 

Comment below or send me an email at nibor803@gmail.com if you want to snag a spot with me as your Coach in 2016!!!


The Master's Hammer & Chisel Fitness Program ~ It's Here!!!

I am super excited about the December 1st launch of this brand new 60-day Beachbody in-home workout program! This is perhaps one of the most anticipated programs yet! Created and developed by Sagi (creator of Body Beast) and Autumn Calabrese (creator of the 21 Day Fix, and 21 Day Fix Extreme).

What is the Masters' Hammer & Chisel?

What is included in The Master's Hammer & Chisel Base Kit? 

How do I join an Accountability group for Hammer & Chisel so I can stay on track?

Having an accountability group to help you advance through your 60 days and keep you motivated is priceless. You will get the very best possible results when you surround yourself with a virtual support system, helping you stick to your weekly meal planning and prep, celebrate successes with, and also help you overcome any struggles you encounter. It all starts with having me as your coach (if you do not have a Beachbody Coach already), and believing in yourself that you CAN and WILL reach your goals!

As your coach, I am your number one supporter, and I BELIEVE you will finish, and get the results you are after!! I am currently accepting individuals who are committed and serious to participate in our accountability group, all done online in a private group on Facebook. 

To LEARN MORE, receive updates, and join into my Facebook Event page send me a message via email at nibor803@gmail.com.

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